April 21,2017 By Jason Deegan

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Click to Chat

Just like technology has grown and changed over time, so has customer service. No longer do we have the days of waiting on the phone for ages to talk to someone, nor do we have to physically drive to a store for support. We have evolved into the age of online support. With so much changing, and the curse of the “instant gratification mentality” becoming an obstacle many people deal with, click to chat has become the new “go - to”. So, how important is click to chat and why should you implement it? I’ll give you four reasons why!

1) Engagement = Conversions!

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I would say increasing your conversion rate is a good enough reason, wouldn’t you? People do not want to waste time and will leave your page if they do not understand something or feel that contacting you will take more time than they deem necessary. As stated above, we are in a world of INSTANT GRATIFICATION, and as such, people and businesses need to adapt. A study even states that 44% of people say that having someone to instantly answer their questions while in the middle of viewing their site is one of the most important features a website can offer. Connect with your audience at the first point of engagement, don’t let that potential client or opportunity to network pass you by!

2) Better communication builds business


Just like in relationships, better communication does, in fact, help. Your audience may be confused, frustrated, or downright annoyed. Being able to instantly answer any questions customers have through click to chat tools on websites increases customer satisfaction, and decreases the likelihood of bad reviews. Not only that, but through great customer service and communication, you will most likely have a returning customer. Customers are so satisfied with the use of click to chat features that in 2016 it was rated the highest in customer service communication, coming in at 73% for customer satisfaction; email came in at 61%, apps at 53%, and social media at 48%.

3) Data, please!


Data of your audience is provided. Data is valuable and can help improve customer relationships by helping you understand your audience. Things like operating system, number of visits, location, time on site, referring link, can all be beneficial to the user and tracked by using click to chat features. Through the data received, you can do your own sales forecasting, as well as problem solving to avoid miscommunication.  

4) $$$ Reduction


Who doesn’t want to save a lot a bit of money? Research shows that live chat costs ¼ of what typical phone services will cost you. Use Ramble to engage with your audience, make customers happy, and save money. There are no excuses to get out there and engage with your audience!

Still not convinced? Here are some more statistics to back me up via ZenDesk

  • 77% of customers will not make a purchase if there is no chat support
  • 62% of customers said they were more inclined to make a purchase if there was chat support
  • 52% of consumers will abandon online purchases if they can’t find quick answers
  • 91% of consumers who’ve used chat are satisfied with its ability to aid in their decisions, resolve customer service or tech issues, answer product questions in a timely manner
  • 60% of customers hate waiting more than a minute for support