January 03,2020 By Jason Deegan

ABM Chat & Salesforce: Evolution

RambleChat Releases Salesforce ABM Chat

ATLANTA — January 3rd, 2020 — RambleChat, a leading conversational chat platform, announced a new ABM Chat evolution to leverage both Salesforce and SalesLoft account data.  The Salesforce ABM integration helps companies personalize the chat experience using Salesforce data and simultaneously route target accounts to the correct sales reps, for real-time conversation. 

The newest enhancement helps Salesforce customers utilize account, lead and contact data to personalize sales engagement while also minimizing friction in the sales process through Account-Based Chat Routing. By leveraging UTM Variables and Custom Cookie Mapping, RambleChat customers can accelerate revenue growth when using SalesLoft for Outbound Email efforts while concurrently bolstering personalization in the sales process using their Salesforce data.  It's the best of both worlds - more sales channels to engage prospects coupled with better personalization in the sales process.

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“Our newest ABM Chat helps companies better utilize their existing tech stack data to personalize real-time sales conversations from their Website, Email, Social Post or Landing Page.”

Vice President of Product Management, Jason Deegan.

ABM Chat: The Right Sales Rep & The Right Account

In addition to the SalesLoft ABM Chat Integration, RambleChat customers can now utilize Salesforce to initiate Account-Based Chat Routing.  Once a prospect or customer initiates a chat from a Website button or Chat from AnywhereTM link, RambleChat routes the lead or conversation to the Salesforce account owner, instantly.  The Chat from AnywhereTM innovation delivers the markets first ABM Chat Routing capabilities for leads that initiate a conversation beyond the website. One-click from LinkedIn, Twitter, Email or a Proposal and RambleChat connects the prospect with the correct sales resources - instantly.

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Custom Mapping: UTM Variables and Cookies

The newest enhancement makes it easier to utilize UTM Variables, which are the foundation of the web.  Users can pass nearly limitless amounts of UTM's into RambleChat and then to Salesforce through the integration. This helps marketers personalize the buying experience while also tracking demand generation data, lead flow, conversion metrics and much more.

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New leads derived from chat can be automatically sent to Salesforce so your CRM remains the single version of truth.

In addition, once a conversation is finished, RambleChat can automatically create a lead or contact if that person doesn’t already exist in Salesforce.

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Salesforce + Ramble ABM Chat Recap

  • Account-Based PersonalizationUtilize existing data within Salesforce to provide valuable personalization on your website or when a Chat from AnywhereTM is initiated.
  • ABM Chat Routing: Connect the right rep to the right account, in real-time, from anywhere online.
  • SalesLoft + Salesforce: Customers can use both SalesLoft and Salesforce, in tandem, with options for chat routing and conversation history.
  • Custom UTM Variables & Cookies: Provide better data mapping and analytics within Salesforce.

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