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Terminus Acquires Ramble 🎉

April 30,2020

Terminus Acquires Ramble to Power Account-Based Conversations

Native account-based chat enables real-time engagement throughout the customer lifecycle

ATLANTA  (Thursday, April 30, 2020) – Terminus, the #1 customer rated account-based marketing platform, announced today its acquisition of Ramble...

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SalesLoft and RambleChat Announce Account-Based Chat Routing

August 29,2019

The #1 sales engagement platform advances Account-Based Selling with its first chat integration.

ATLANTA — August 29, 2019 — SalesLoft, the leading sales engagement platform, announced today a powerful integration with RambleChat to accelerate sales engagement and real-time account-based...

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Chat from Anywhere: Explained in 30 seconds

May 03,2019

As with most innovative technologies, we are frequently asked about Chat from Anywhere (CFA), and how can it help my business?? A wonderful question and one that we love to answer!  To better equip our prospects and customers on the power of Ramble's CFA, we enlisted our marketing team to create...

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Chat and Sales Engagement: A Market Collision

February 05,2019

A market collision is coming. I’ve been evangelizing this very concept above since October of 2018, and with empirical evidence and key market drivers below, we believe these two thriving spaces are coalescing in rapid approach.

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AI Chatbots: What the Market Should Be Asking

October 15,2018

Current State of Affairs

I’m challenged to find a newsfeed or social network not inundated by the latest spin of AI, Chatbots or the derivates thereunto. With each passing month, companies are getting exponentially more savvy with the deployment of Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language...

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