March 16,2018 By Adaire Smithwick

Could Live Chat Make LinkedIn More Effective?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that enables individuals and companies to market and brand themselves. In the past several years, LinkedIn has assisted companies and individuals to network with each other to expand their exposure and create new opportunities.

Companies generally use LinkedIn to:

  1. Attract employees to their organization
  2. Market their products and services to individuals
  3. Market their products and services to other companies

Companies primarily market themselves through their profiles, posts and advertising on the LinkedIn platform. Companies invest a significant amount of time building their profiles, creating content, and communicating with LinkedIn users. They spend large amounts of money boosting their posts and advertising on the LinkedIn platform.

In the past, both individuals and companies have been limited to connecting with each other through communication methods only available within the closed LinkedIn environment - posts, InMail and their internal messaging platform. Unless they have previously connected with each other, they can't access the phone numbers and email addresses that have been exposed to connections.

Wouldn't LinkedIn be more effective if individuals and companies could connect to each other instantly and in real time - without having to connect with each other first? Wouldn't it be great if you could accept a live chat request from an interested party, from your profile, post or ad, outside of the LinkedIn app - on your smartphone, tablet or computer?

Individuals and companies marketing on LinkedIn are trying to connect with people that they don't know yet, but may want to know. If you are trying to market yourself, your company or your product on LinkedIn, wouldn't it be ideal if an interested party could simply click a link and instantly communicate with you or your company?

In today's world, people expect immediate gratification. They want their questions answered instantly. If you can connect with someone at the moment they are interested in whatever you are marketing - yourself or a product, your chances of converting that opportunity into a lead and eventually a client rise dramatically.

Until now, live instant messaging from LinkedIn was impossible outside of its closed environment. Ramble Chat's patent-pending technology allows businesses to create a unique chat "link" that allows businesses with target customers with a single click. All you have to do is publish the Ramble Chat link in your profile, post or advertisement. A prospect wanting to connect with you simply clicks the link and a notification is instantly pushed to your smartphone, tablet and computer's browser. Ramble simultaneously delivers valuable information about your prospect that allows you to selectively accept/deny the chat and helps make the interaction even more productive.

With RambleChat, LinkedIn has become that much more useful.

If you create ads on LinkedIn, Ramble's Single Click Chat (SCC) allows you and your team to receive real time engagement from prospects and visitors. Prospects can click directly on the link embedded in the ad and chat you. There is virtually no wait time. You can do business quickly and successfully.

Best of all, your personal contact information is protected. You and your team don't have to expose your personal phone numbers or email addresses on the web. The only thing you expose is your personal or company RambleChat link. Prospects clicking the link, can connect with you instantly without seeing your personal info. It is safe, secure and maintains your privacy.

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