December 12,2018 By Jason Deegan

3 Key AI Chatbot Takeaways from a Study by Harvard Business Review: Closing the Customer Experience (CX) Gap

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review outlines what leaders in Customer Experience (CX) do better than their peers. Understanding the following three (3) takeaways are critical to a successful bot strategy.

"Emerging capabilities such as ... chatbots cannot transform customer experience in isolation."

This has long been a tenet of Ramble's philosophy, which is why Ramble's human-takeover feature is critical to the success of your chatbot deployment strategy.

"[Leaders in CX] are more likely to be using emerging technologies and creating personalized and omni-channel experiences. They are more likely to use data to predict and anticipate consumer needs, understand lifetime value, and track customer advocacy.

Ramble's patent-pending, Single-Click Chat (SCC) feature is, quite simply, the simplest, most powerful way to create an omni-channel experience.  Ramble also takes it one step further in that we can provide "omni-presence" not just omni-channel.  Your brand benefits greatly by providing a consistent chatbot experience regardless of how your prospects and customers find you.

"The vast majority of customer experience leaders (86%) said—as did two-thirds of followers—that their companies are able to quickly build new and innovative customer experiences in response to market dynamics, while the majority of laggards remain flat-footed in this fast-changing marketplace. "

Before deploying your chatbot solution, be sure to contemplate the distribution strategy, as well as what happens when the inevitable happens: the bot cannot provide excellent customer service. Ramble's solution is the fastest, easiest, most-powerful way to extend your capability.

AI Chatbots are a wonderful, emerging technology to help expedite greater sales and help retain customers with excellent customer support. Ramble unleashes your bot strategy to the world!

The entire report is fascinating, read it here.