August 18,2017 By Jason Deegan

Ramble Announces Developer Program

Ramble, the world’s only link-invoked chat engine, is launching the Ramble Developer Program. In an effort to create a more collaborative web experience, Ramble is encouraging the open source developer community to get involved helping expand the use of real-time communication features.

Completely free, Ramble users are provided a simple, but unique, link to distribute to visitors anywhere on the web, even within domains they don't control. To accept chats, Ramble provides a free mobile app & web portal. Already extremely powerful, the developer community will be guided in adding even more advanced features such as:

- UI/UX front end interfaces like drawers and windows for web visitors

- JavaScript for automatically invoking invitations to chat after a defined period of time

- Code for integrating chat acceptance inside of custom mobile apps

- Instructions for customizing visitor messaging and look

- A knowledgebase for developers that includes instructions regarding how to manipulate the .htaccess file for publishing their own domain rather than the ‘//ramble.chat’

…and much more!

To achieve this goal, Ramble has enlisted the help of Asa Freedman, one of the chief architects of Ramble’s forbearer, Teledini’s Click-to-Chat multi-channel engagement service. Starting his career engineering jet engines, Asa transitioned to development as a way to get out from under slow processes and a cog-in-a-machine mentality. He looks at coding like playing with Legos and enjoys the fact that no matter who you are, a Googler or an Amazonian, you have the same set of tools available to you to build whatever you can imagine. Asa brings years of experience developing communication technology and a passion for open source software projects. As Ramble’s Developer Advocate, he can be reached via email at Advocate@RambleChat.com or be found at our GitHub project, RambleChat.

Ramble President and co-founder, Steve Smithwick, said, “Ramble should change the way the full spectrum of users look at their Internet experience. Instant, real-time communication should be the expectation for all web properties, not saved for companies with deep pockets.”

Steve continued, “The Ramble Developer Program will allow a developer of any level to find some code and quickly integrate real-time, instant communication into their project, thus realizing the overdue vision of a truly collaborative online experience and driving the long-awaited transition away from the Internet being a one-way, self-help medium.”

Ramble co-founder Jason Deegan had this to say, “Asa’s role will be to advocate the use of the technology in as many ways as possible. It's his opportunity to be creative, create and manage excellent code from sources around the world and meet other brilliant people who are truly trying to change the world. Corny, maybe, but think of this perspective: Ramble is giving away a service that makes the web more collaborative. We have shattered the barrier for ANY developer to turn their digital presence from a one-way channel into a two-way channel. Ramble intends to help the web evolution and Asa is the man to tell the developers how cool that concept is.”

To contribute, click over to RambleChat on GitHub now.