March 24,2020 By Jason Deegan

Announcement: New Ramble Bot

Ramble Releases New Marketing Bot

ATLANTA — March 24th, 2020 — RambleChat, the leading Sales & ABM Chat platform, announced a new chatbot builder designed specifically for marketing and sales.  The new bot builder is designed to easily launch custom bots within minutes to help businesses qualify leads, start more sales conversations, offer up content and book meetings for sales 24/7.

After analyzing a gap in the market, it became evident that marketers were struggling to find an intuitive Bot architecture that can be deployed by business users - even those without technical experience. In addition, Enterprise & Premium customers can continue to utilize AI Chatbots using the IBM Watson Assistant integration which can be deployed directly in the Ramble Portal. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 9.51.16 AM


“Our customers were looking for a more intuitive bot builder to help marketers create more pipeline, but without the difficult "visual spaghetti builders" in today's market. Something powerful, but with easy set-up. We hit the mark.”

Vice President of Product Management, Jason Deegan.



Overview of the Ramble Bot

  • ✅ Easily Qualify Leads & Conversations
  • ✅ SDR / BDR After Hours Support
  • ✅ Collect Critical Buyer Information
  • ✅ Custom Routing
  • ✅ Playbook / Bot Cloning 
  • ✅ Offer Content, Links or Suggestions


The Ramble bot can also be tailored for different experiences, pages, and time-zones. For example, one bot can be available during business hours to limit buyer friction, and another can kick-in after hours to ensure a comprehensive experience for the visitor.  

In addition, Ramble Bot & IBM Watson Assistant can work in both traditional Website chat and using Chat from AnywhereTMMeaning, a human or a bot can start a conversation with buyers who invoke a chat from an Email, LinkedIn Post, Display Ad, Facebook, etc.  You make the call.


Custom Bot PlayBooks

  • Easy Set-Up: Spend less time setting up the bot and more time creating Demand
  • ABM Chat Routing: Connect the right rep to the right account, in real-time, from anywhere online.
  • Data Asks / Customer Info: Customize your bot to gather critical information like email or name
  • Auto-Qualification: Automatically qualify leads once they reach a certain phase of the bot. 

Less Forms, More Conversation

Ramble Bot helps move the the sales cadence to a conversation, while allowing marketers to design and deploy a bot within minutes. Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 9.28.27 AMThrottle the qualification process to involve more human interaction with your inside sales team or add more bot depending on the product line, time of day, and circumstance.




Curious how it works? Launch the sample Bot directly below! 

Try Me Out!


About RambleChat

RambleChat is a Sales & ABM Chat technology that helps businesses drive more revenue, faster - by creating more sales conversations.  Headquartered in Atlanta, supporting customers in over 20 countries around the globe, Ramble’s chat platform creates accelerated sales conversations by extending chat anywhere online. Now sales can meet buyers at the moment of interest with RambleChat’s patent-pending Chat from Anywhere TM. In addition to Chat from Anywhere, Ramble specializes in ABM Chat, Demand Generation, and helping marketings meet buyers at the moment of interest with personalization.