August 27,2019 By Jason Deegan

Ramble Releases: Data Ask and Advanced Buyer Personalization

RambleChat is excited to announce its August software release. In our continued effort to create the single greatest chat experience on the web, we are releasing the following functional enhancements: 

Data Asks

Ramble wants our customers to get the very most out of every chat (and, incidentally, we dislike the phrase "unknown visitor" as much as you do 😜). Because most visitors prefer the initial anonymity that comes along with starting a chat from a website or a web link, engagements must begin with the least amount of friction possible. Those who answer those chats, however, don't usually like it so much. How do we make the unknown, known? Enter Data Asks!

The hardest part of chat is turning rich conversations into actionable data. Either you force the visitor into awkward situations that degrade the overall experience or you have to write a sophisticated algorithm that tries to programmatically read the entire conversation and logically isolate specific data elements. And, if you did ask a visitor for a name, email or phone number, there is no "validation" (or confirmation) on the input that the visitor provides. So, if an algorithm were possible, it's certainly not practical.

Now, with the click of a button, you can send your visitor a metaphor within the chat window that asks them to input their name, email, company name or any other data element that you want. The beauty of Ramble's Data Ask is that the visitor can still continue conversing with you before answering. If the conversation scrolls down and they haven't yet answered it, the box "sticks" to the top of the window, inviting them to input their information at their convenience. 

Once answered, the data they input goes directly in to the appropriate field for that user and updates it through the Ramble system. This is how unknown visitor becomes something much, much greater! It is also how when you're looking at historical chats we can combine them under the same individual or company and how we will start driving data in to your CRM systems in the very near future. 

Additionally, even after the conversation has ended you can manually input and override each of the data elements as you capture more information about the visitor and/or need to clean some typos up. 

DataAskGif      Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 3.03.10 PM


IP Block

Whether it's a spider-bot (think Google or Bing crawling your website) or just a rogue visitor that you simply don't want to hear from, admins within your team can now block a visitor by IP address or a group by IP block. A new metaphor under the visitor's name will provide this functionality.

IP Block

Firmographic Data

  • Our existing KickFire data lookup has been improved with better speed.
  • And we are excited to announce that we now have Bombora as an option for your anonymous visitor lookup data.

Data Filters

  • We are now including a metadata node (this is a fancy way of saying "tracking") for each chat that indicates whether the chat was started by the visitor DURING or OFF HOURS. In a future release we will include that as an option in the data filters
  • Ramble now includes a filter to show only Rambles with at least 1 visitor message. 

Workflow Enhancement

  • Workflows now can have a condition that is time-based. This means you can hide/show the button at a certain time, send different proactive messages based on when the visitor sees it or even change the routing based on the time of day.

Routing time based

PUSH Notifications

  • When a visitor leaves a message, PUSH notifications are now only distributed to the members of the targeted routing group instead of the entire team.
As always, thanks for using RambleChat!