May 03,2019 By Justin McDonald

Chat from Anywhere: Explained in 30 seconds

As with most innovative technologies, we are frequently asked about Chat from Anywhere (CFA), and how can it help my business?? A wonderful question and one that we love to answer!  To better equip our prospects and customers on the power of Ramble's CFA, we enlisted our marketing team to create this killer Infographic: Quick, simple, and powerful!

"What on earth is Chat from Anywhere"?

If you're not familiar with RambleChat, we help companies drive more sales conversations by extending chat beyond the corporate website and meeting prospects at the moment of interest.  Our innovation moved chat from solely “inbound” website chat, to empowering companies with an "outbound" chat capability.  The Value-Prop: 1. Minimize friction and accelerate the sales cycle. 2. Make engagement easier for the prospect thereby driving more qualified pipeline contribution. Click the image below to review our new CFA Infographic!

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 2.40.52 PM

ABM, Chatbots, Data Intelligence and More!

In addition to traditional website chat and our Patent-Pending Chat from Anywhere, Ramble provides a wide range of capabilities to enhance the chat experience, including: Account Based Marketing (ABM) Chat routing, Chat Personalization, Lead qualification, Data Intelligence, and White-Label Chat.  

For more information, visit the Ramble Website below:

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