August 28,2018 By Jason Deegan

The Traditional Live Chat Paradigm Is Broken

Research shows that those involved in the B2B buying process are already 57% of the way down the path to a decision before they'll actually perform an action on your website.1 Two billion items were sold by third-party sellers on Amazon's platform in 2014 2. In 2017, Etsy reported almost two million sellers 3. Consider that 63% of marketplace sellers don't own their own domain or operate their own website 4. A JD Power study reported that 67% of consumers have used a company social media presence for service and/or support 5. That's a lot of interesting facts, but what does it mean?


These statistics prove there is a tremendous amount of business
being transacted on the web not on seller-controlled web properties.


Yet a vast majority of today's marketing tactics are still focused on driving traffic to the company-owned website. Marketers still focus on metrics that indicate how many people visit, how many "bounce" without visiting a second page, how long they stay, how many pages they visit and on and on. Almost the entire digital sales process is dedicated to first getting a prospect to a company-controlled web property.

What about the above data? Didn't the statistics above prove that there are customers out there that are willing to buy from sources other than your website? Prospects are everywhere. And a vast majority of them are not on your website.


The old paradigm of funneling all traffic to your website is broken.


Instead, what if you could engage prospects where they already are. In a single click your salesforce can engage with an interested prospect without the friction that can be detrimental to a conversation. Ramble’s Single Click Chat (SCC) creates a common communication medium that allows businesses to engage prospects at the moment of interest: from a banner ad, directly from Twitter, from LinkedIn, from Facebook, or a partner ecosystem -in addition to any digital property you already own like a blog or company website. All without costly ever-changing integrations and disparate messaging mediums. Businesses and consumers expect faster service, immediate gratification and fewer clicks to get what they want.

Ramble Chat is changing the digital sales paradigm. Every click matters. Meet your customers where they already are. Ramble Chat:

  • Creates a shortened sales cycle
  • Help buyers engage your brand from any location online with a single click
  • Provides simple, yet configurable deployment for your business
  • Leverages Chatbots for better lead qualification
  • Accelerates deals using our end-to-end Sales Orchestration software
  • Empower your entire sales team with our enterprise access 

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