October 31,2017 By Adaire Smithwick

What Is Universal Chat and Why Should You Care?

Live chat has become a popular tool with online marketers to drive engagement with visitors to their websites. Chat allows you to answer inquiries faster, and convert those leads into customers. Live chat has also changed consumers' expectations for sales and service online. They demand instant satisfaction. Until today, you could only offer live chat on websites that you own and control. This is because your chat provider requires you to install their JavaScript code on any page of your website where you want to offer chat as an option.

What if you could offer live chat on ALL the places on the web where you want to market? What if you could not only offer live chat on your website and blog but ALSO in your social media profiles, posts & ads, banner ads, e-commerce listings and email campaigns? Universal chat allows you to do that.

Publish Universally

Universal Chat is offered by Ramble and doesn't require the installation of JavaScript. Instead, Universal Chat is invoked with a simple URL. You have the ability to generate a generic URL or a vanity URL (ramble.chat/yourbusinessname). You can post the link anywhere on the web. Ramble Chat is the patent-pending link-invoked free chat service, designed for sales and support communication that enables you to chat in real-time with visitors to your blog, website, social media pages, email campaign, e-commerce listing, or banner ad. Visitors simply click your Ramble link, anywhere you publish it on the Internet, and you instantly chat with them in real-time from your computer, tablet or phone. The app uses push notifications to alert you of an incoming chat anywhere you are. You can engage instantly with leads everywhere - at your desk, at the coffee shop, at home or even in a meeting.

Works Universally

Ramble users can answer incoming chats from the online web portal, or from their smartphone or tablet. A prospect wishing to chat with your business can chat from any web enabled device. Through your personalized link and account, you can chat with new leads on virtually every device you own and they can too. Now you can take your business with you everywhere!

Sell Universally

Ramble can be used to sell anywhere on the web. Embed your custom URL everywhere you want to drive engagement on your website and blog. But also, put the link in your social media profiles and include in all your posts. That way prospects can connect with your business instantly. If you advertise on the web - social media ads, search ads or even banner ads - imbed your link there. Now a prospective client seeing your ad - won't just click through to your site - but can click through to one of your company's representatives. Your conversion rates will increase dramatically! You can also embed your link in your email campaigns and even your email signature. Recipients can click and engage instantly. Live Chat has been proven to increase conversion rates of visitors to leads and customers, but now, with the ability to connect from everywhere you market on the web, you can connect with more people faster.

Stay Safe Universally

The best part? Privacy is completely maintained while using Ramble. Because a) the chat is link invoked and doesn't require a prior invite and acceptance and b) incoming chat alerts come in your web browser or mobile app, the person chatting with you doesn't have your personal information. You don't need to provide your phone number or your email address. You get to see the requestors' physical location, name and contact information, but they don't see yours. This ensures that you chat with people who are serious about your business and not trying to infiltrate your private life. While traditional messenger apps have required people to be "friends," now you can chat with people that you don't know, but may want to know, without the risk of exposing your private personal information.

Universal Chat from Ramble is free and takes less than a minute. Try it yourself today. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.