Could Live Chat Make LinkedIn More Effective?

November 17,2017

LinkedIn is a social media platform that enables individuals and companies to market and brand themselves. In the past several years, LinkedIn has assisted companies and individuals to network with each other to expand their exposure and create new opportunities.

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What Is Universal Chat and Why Should You Care?

October 31,2017

Live chat has become a popular tool with online marketers to drive engagement with visitors to their websites. Chat allows you to answer inquiries faster, and convert those leads into customers. Live chat has also changed consumers' expectations for sales and service online. They demand instant...

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3 Ways to Use Ramble on Facebook

October 10,2017

The magic of Ramble is that live chat can be successfully invoked from anywhere online. Your personalized vanity link can help you capture leads from every social media site. A great example is using Ramble Chat to capture and nurture leads from Facebook. Facebook has evolved over the last...

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Ramble Announces Developer Program

August 18,2017

Ramble, the world’s only link-invoked chat engine, is launching the Ramble Developer Program. In an effort to create a more collaborative web experience, Ramble is encouraging the open source developer community to get involved helping expand the use of real-time communication features.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Click to Chat

April 21,2017

Just like technology has grown and changed over time, so has customer service. No longer do we have the days of waiting on the phone for ages to talk to someone, nor do we have to physically drive to a store for support. We have evolved into the age of online support. With so much changing, and...

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